100 Davenport

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Completed: In Progress

The proposed 39-storey tower, including a 3-storey podium, includes 54 luxury units, with ground floor and second floor retail/commercial space.

Designed in collaboration with world renowned architect, Douglas Cardinal, the innovative and iconic design of the proposed building, has sought to connect the earth’s elements and the site’s heritage on a historic route of the Indigenous Peoples, while highlighting the site’s prominent location on the axis of Bay Street.

Douglas Cardinal writes:

“The base of the building I see as a sculpture of stone that grows out of the earth with strong sculptural spaces that reflect the plates of the earth that were sculpted by natural forces. I want to feel like we are entering into the earth forms itself, which connects us to our very roots. The tower grows out of this rock foundation and reaches to the sky. The stone forms give a feeling of protection and shelter, which completely and powerfully envelops you. These stone forms become the backbone of the organic form of the tower.”

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