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8500 Warden

Location – 8500 Warden Avenue, Markham Ontario (Markham Hilton Suites Hotel)
Status – Complete Rezoning Submission- Under Review

 Markham Hilton Suites Hotel and Conference Centre is a landmark location for mixed-use intensification given its prominence at the intersection of Highway 7 and Warden Avenue. SSA prepared the Masterplan for Redevelopment and coordinated the Rezoning Submission with Bousfields.

A total of 6 new tall residential/mixed-use buildings ranging from 45 to 55 storeys in height, and a new conference centre building are proposed, to complement the existing hotel.

Publicly accessible open space will complement the open space on the north side of Highway 7 associated with the Markham Civic Centre, thereby maintaining and enhancing the visual and open space linkage between the hotel and the civic centre. Together with the existing hotel, the new conference centre will mark the corner of Highway 7 and Warden and frame the open space, which is envisaged to include features such as a skating rink and a seasonal market.

A distinctive curvilinear 45-storey tower is proposed along the Warden Avenue frontage, at the northwest corner of Warden Avenue and Clegg Road. Further west, two 55-storey towers are proposed along the Clegg Road frontage, framing the northerly view to the existing hotel building. Three 55-storey buildings are proposed along the Courtyard Lane frontage, with a new public park located at the northeast corner of Courtyard Lane and Clegg Road.