Ceremonial Routes National Capital Commission

Location: Ottawa/Hull
Completed: 1986

In 1985 Scott Shields Architects was commissioned by the National Capital Commission to create an inspiring setting for an area around Parliament Hill in Ottawa/Hull. The project focused on Confederation Square as well as Wellington and Elgin Streets.

The National Capital Commission wanted an enhancement of the area to best incorporate ceremonial activities and believed that the existing area had a very disconnected look. “Currently, the appearance of Wellington Street, Confederation Square and Elgin Street is not unified,” the NCC says. “There is little continuity in lighting fixtures, illumination effects and levels, street furnishings, plantings and pavings.”

SSA put together a proposal that unified the entire area and brought the cohesion that the NCC desired. The Jury comments for this project in the 1987 Progressive Architecture Awards Program noted: “This project identifies the circular necklace that ties the significant buildings of Canada’s capital together. It then treats the street appropriately as a boulevard with trees, paving and street furniture, and identities the important nodes along the route where one turns, stops and focuses on the main events”.

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