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Guelph Research and Development Centre

Location – 93 and 95 Stone road, Guelph, Ontario
Status – 2000

This is a complex 10,000sf Renovation/Addition laboratory project for the Federal Food Quality Program Facility for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada scientists moving from decentralized facilities in Ottawa into consolidated facilities on the University of Guelph campus, to work alongside University of Guelph scientists, who service provincial food quality and research programs. Renovations had to maintain existing operations without disruption for both groups.

The Guelph project is comprised of three different types of design and construction:
1. Minor renovations for circulation and work spaces.
2. Major renovations for laboratories including the reconstruction of the Milk Testing Lab Building (93 Stone Road). 95 Stone Road was gutted to create new laboratories.
3. New construction of a stand-alone Multi-Functional Food Processing Plant (Pilot Plant), and a link joining the Food Testing Lab Building and the Milk Testing Lab Building with the new Pilot Plant. The Plant was designed to simulate any type of food processing plant, adhering to all relevant food industry and Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards. This facility was unique in Canada because of its flexibility and ability to deal with pathogens.

SSA were responsible for functional programming through all stages of design and construction completion. The project was completed on time and budget. Since 2000, SSA have been invited to work on further updates at the Guelph Centre, including a new chemical storage facility.

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