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FIO Research Laboratory

Project Location – 111 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario
Status – Completed 2008

SSA provided laboratory space planning, and design consulting and laboratory equipment specifications for a 3,500 sf research laboratory  located in an historic downtown Toronto office building at 111 Queen Street East for Fio Corporation. Fio was developing a portable point-of-care device capable of molecular diagnosis of multiple infectious diseases simultaneously from a small biological sample, such as human blood.

The laboratory was designed fr bench space for55 scientists (many being University of Toronto staff and students) and provided an equal number of lab-related workstations for analysis and reporting outside the lab.

The focus was on infectious diseases. Scientific team included expertise in chemistry, nanotechnology, cell biology, chemical engineering, laser technology and optics, and computer engineering

1. McLaughlin-Rotman Centre, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada
2. University of Toronto
3. St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada