Intertek Commodities Division

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia
Completed: 2015

Intertek is a UK-based company with materials testing laboratories worldwide.

This project was to provide a new state-of-the-art replacement coal testing facility for their Commodities Division, serving Western Canada and the US.  SSA conducted an existing facility evaluation and assisted Intertek with site selection.  SSA determined what should be relocated to the new facility and undertook programming to anticipate current and future markets for testing and space planning as appropriate to accommodate technical and logistical needs.

The design was focused around a large central coal grinding and sampling area, along with associated sample sorting and processing areas, analytical lab and supporting offices.  The lab was fitted with fume hoods and benching suitable to house a very wide range of specialized testing equipment.  Spaces were arranged and designed in close cooperation with Intertek to optimize their work flows and to ensure safety and security.   Design and construction was done in a tight time frame with a tight budget.

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