Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Completed: 2013

Intertek is a UK-based company with materials testing laboratories around the world. It comprises specialized divisions, such as the Commodities Division, which provides chemical testing and inspection services for the petroleum and pipeline industries along with fuels, biofuels, coal and gas. Their existing facility in Hamilton was under-sized for their growing operations and suitable vacant space was found in a nearby industrial building. SSA assisted with site selection.

The design or the new facility was focused around the central laboratory testing area, with glass-walled workstations and offices viewing into the lab and efficiently located support service and chemical storage rooms surrounding the lab. The lab was fitted with fume hoods and benching suitable to house a very wide range of specialized testing equipment. Specialized ventilation and chemical containment features were also of central importance, considering the high flammability of many of the stored and tested materials on site. Spaces were arranged and designed in close cooperation with Intertek to optimize their workflows and logistics and to ensure safety and security at all times.

Despite a very tight budget and schedule, the project was successfully completed on time and on budget.

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