LifeLabs Genetic Lab

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Completed: 2014

This 10,000 sq.ft. genetic testing laboratory was designed for LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services.  Located in a new LEED-certified shell building in Toronto, it contains a suite of genetic sequencing labs as its centerpiece, surrounded by support functions and lab-related office spaces.  SSA undertook the functional programming, space planning, and budget and scheduling analysis to have this project approved quickly to meet a tight end user demand for occupancy. Detailed attention was paid to optimizing the floor plan for work flow, from sample receiving and accessioning to processing, analysis and safe disposal of samples after use.  The use of exposed ceilings and extensive use of interior glazing is intended to maximize daylight and views to the interior of the space.  The facility was also planned to accommodate for future expansion.  The project was constructed in two months as per SSA’s pre-tender cost estimate.


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