Loretto College School

Location: Toronto, ON
Completed: August 2005

Loretto College School was designed to replace a historic downtown Toronto Catholic Girls Secondary School, serving as the new home for a student body of 600. The design emphasis is on being “transparent” and “visible”, and therefore, “secure”. This fosters co-operative excitement about learning and showcases all programs and opportunities available for its students.

The program layout is intended to minimize impact on the urban site and surrounding neighborhood by utilizing a small floor plate that is vertically integrated on three levels around a central interior Student Forum Atrium. The Atrium is visually connected to the surrounding classrooms, student amenities, administration, and teacher/community resources. Internal to external circulation throughout the building is designed to take advantage of the sloped site, always connecting back to the innovative Atrium space which allows for presentation and theatre functions that were not expected to be included given the initial budget. The building provides a comforting level of security, as well as a sense of drama in a nurturing, academic environment.

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