21 Oriole

Location: Toronto, ON
Completed: 2006

Additions and renovations have been designed and built in many neighborhoods in and around Toronto. Careful consideration is given to the context of the existing house and to the surrounding community, while incorporating the needs of the homeowner.

21 Oriole specifically is a 1920’s home in downtown Toronto that was modernized and upgraded within the existing footprint of the home to provide a more efficient and usable family living quarters. The pre-existing small servant kitchen area was edited and improved to add to the flow of the house and the historic servant stair at the ground level was converted into an innovative guest powder room. The master ensuite bathroom was designed within an old boudoir and thus features a fireplace and original wood flooring, while the more recent music room addition was edited to serve as a family room and gallery for the owner’s extensive contemporary art collection. Major exterior landscape improvements were also a part of the scope, introducing a designed internal courtyard and low maintenance gardens with terraced decks that provide privacy as well as excellent entertainment platforms.

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