BDO Canada LLP

Location: Across Canada
Completed: 2005 - Present (ongoing)

Scott Shields Architects has completed approximately twenty projects to date for BDO Canada LLP since 2002 in Ontario and Alberta.  BDO is an international firm of accountants that has been expanding rapidly to meet market demand. Projects range from 4,600 sf for Insolvency offices to 22,500 sf for larger Audit and Accounting offices.

Scott Shields Architects works with BDO and BDO’s leasing team at Colliers to determine best possible locations to effectively accommodate expanding needs. Once the lease deal is completed, Scott Shields Architects works with BDO to complete design and construction as quickly as possible to accommodate BDO in a seamless delivery so as not to interfere with existing on-going business operations.

Guidelines for space planning and efficient economical accommodation have been developed and are adhered to while maintaining an overall corporate BDO image for each project. Individual locations have been customized to aesthetically reflect the culture and location of each individual office.

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